Survey Checklist: An Absolute Resource for Researchers

Md. Amin-Uzz-Zaman Madani
BSc in Civil Engineering
Ahsanullah University of Sciecne and Technology

First and foremost, what is a checklist?

A checklist is just a list of things to remember before, during, and after work. It may also be a social checklist, a traffic checklist, or a road inventory checklist, among other things.

Types of a checklist

It is something that everyone can use. It is possible for an Intermediate student to prepare for their exams. As a matter of fact, it has a wide range of applications and is a versatile type. You will not be able to specify it until you’ve prepared it for a particular task. Checklists are used in the lab, as well.

Why am I bringing up the subject?

In our everyday lives, we should create a checklist for our daily tasks to keep track of our work and progress on a regular basis. An assessment or hazard identification, it is a required component of a professional job. You will not be able to get a relevant result otherwise. So, creating an appropriate data collection, daily activities, risk analysis, OHAS (Occupational Health and Safety) , EMP (Environmental Management Plan) , Environmental, and other checklists are required.

Last week, I was working on a checklist. Three members of my team and I travelled to Cumilla District last week for a site visit. It was a surveying tour about road inventory, OD, and road viability. There, we used an OD sheet/OD survey paper. OD is an abbreviation for “Origin and Destination Survey.” We questioned the pedestrians about their name, age, occupation, salary, and a few project-related questions during the OD survey. It is essential to establish a sheet that is as concise and basic as possible. Otherwise, the pedestrian will not comprehend or respond appropriately to any query. For which the desired outcome will not be achieved.

Traffic Survey

Before starting traffic survey, traffic survey checklists is needed to be prepared otherwise some silly mistakes will create some significant issues. During traffic survey time, location latitude-longitude, high visibility vest, hard board, Traffic count sheets, and some other important announcement is needed. For this reason, checklists should be prepared for it to keep it track.

Environmental Survey

There are many types of environmental survey. It can be a questionary survey or can be a sample collection and identification survey or can be a field data collection survey. Last month I was encountered with a field visit where is performed a role of data collector for air, water and noise quality data collection. Below the checklist is for the environmental survey that I used and a questionary for hydro-solar power plant will be added.

Checklist for ETP

Checklist for ETP Clearance

Reconnaissance Survey Checklist

When a reconnaissance survey has been performed for a road, this is needed. I use my own survey checklists; I am sharing it below.


I hope the checklists and information I attempted to publicize above may help you in the near future. So, using the checklists above, I hope you can create your own checklists and will share your findings.

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