Construction Safety: 10 simple safety measurements to follow at site.

A construction site is always risky as any kind of accident can occur at any time. A very simple ignorance at a construction site may lead to a big disaster.But some precautions can help to reduce construction site accidents and may help to work at the site much safer. Today we are going to talk about 10 simple safety measurements which can help us to make a safer construction site.

1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for everyone:

PPE is the first and most important factor to ensure safety at construction sites. PPE includes protective clothe/vest, Safety helmet, Safety shoe, protective glass, Full-body safety harness, Gloves, and other safety equipment. This equipment helps save its wearers from accidents and injuries. It’s needed where hazards are present. The purpose of PPE is to reduce the accidental injuries of its wearer and sometimes save lives.
Hi-Viz Safety vest helps locate you from a far distance at the site and safety shoe saves you from slipping and protects your feet. Falling objects can be deadlier for you if you don’t wear your safety helmet at the site. There is other safety equipment that has its role to ensure safety at the site. Various equipment saves various parts of our body from accidental hazards. You should strictly follow to wear this safety equipment to reduce accidental injuries at the construction site.

Various PPE to wear at site

2. Safety Induction Meeting/Toolbox Meeting (TBM) before starting works:

The construction site includes various kinds of work activities. Different kinds of works can cause different kinds of disasters which may lead somebody to severe injuries or even death. So you have to know about your site activities and their related risks so that you can take steps to minimize the risks. You have to arrange a safety induction meeting every day before starting your work at the site. This is an informal team meeting where you have to discuss the works, their risk factors, and health issues. You have to divide the team as per work requirements and lead them to safe work. You must instruct them about what to do and what not to do at the site. That’s why Safety Induction Meeting is a must for construction site works. Never skip safety induction meetings at the site before starting works to keep your site safe from unwanted hazards.

Safety Induction Meeting before starting works at site

3. Housekeeping:

Construction work is messy. Various kinds of work activities need various kinds of materials. As a result, slips and trips become one of the most common mishaps to happen. Slips and trips might not seem like a dangerous ones compared to other high-risk works happening at the site. Though HSE Statistics says the opposite thing. According to them, almost 30% of specified major injuries on construction site happens due to slips and trips.
So, don’t forget to keep your site clean and tidy to avoid slips and trips. For that, you have to grow a practice of housekeeping before starting work at your site.

Housekeeping works before starting works at site

4. Save Yourself and others:

On a construction site, you have to remember that one wrong move can cause a huge disaster. You are responsible for your safety. For that, you have to set a good example of thinking and acting in safe activities. Always remember that a construction site is a dangerous place of work. You have to maintain your safety and keep others safe by practicing a safe work environment.

Think before you work

5. Safety signs and procedures:

There are some basic construction safety signs and procedures at the site. You should properly understand all of these signs and procedures and must follow them at the site. You should explain these things in the safety induction meeting before starting works at the site. Your employer should carry out a risk assessment for you. Make sure you read and understand it.
Your employer should put control measures in place for your safety. Make sure they are in place and working before you start.

Safety Signs at construction site

6. Safe working area:

You have to make sure that your working area is safe. If you find something unsafe, stop and rectify it. You have to know what’s happening around you while working at your site. Be aware of falling objects while lifting and shifting heavy materials. Never work below Crane loads or other dangerous operations.
According to HSE statistics, 14% of fatalities at the site happen due to collapsing and overturning something. 11% of disasters happen due to stuck by moving vehicles.
Never work at height without a proper safety barrier and safety harness. Never enter unsafe and unsupported areas where there is no safe access. Make sure your working zone is safe enough for you to continue the work.

Create safe working area for you and others

7. Report and Rectify:

If you find something that may be a cause of an accident, don’t ignore it. Report it to your superior immediately and take the necessary steps to rectify it. You should take pictures and keep a record of that so that you can add the picture to the report.
The management will take the necessary steps to rectify the problems for you.
Remember, the sooner problems are resolved the less chance for an accident to occur.

Always report and rectify the problem

8. Never tamper with equipment:

If any equipment isn’t working properly or doesn’t look right to work with, follow rule number 7 and report it to your superior and management immediately. Don’t try and force or alter something. Do not attempt to fix defective equipment unless you are competent to do so. Never think of tampering with equipment without proper authorization.
This type of work may lead to a total mishap at your site.

9. Use the right equipment:

One tool does not fit every work. Using the correct tool for the job will get it done quicker, and most importantly, safer. You can’t use a Soil excavator to lift and shift materials from one place to another. You have to use the mobile crane to get this type of work done properly. If You use the normal rope to lift materials by mobile crane it may slip and fall. You must use an approved lifting belt or chain to avoid these types of incidents. There should be a safety tagline while lifting heavy materials using the crane. If you use equipment which isn’t fit for the job, accidents may occur and somebody can get hurt.
secondly, You must visually check equipment if its in good condition and safe to use or not. If you find something faulty, never use it without proper repairing and approval.

Always use the right equipment

10. Never hesitate to ask:

If you are in doubt about anything that relates to a construction site, if you don’t know what to do, how to do it- just stop work and ask. Your superior can help you understand these things. It takes 5 minutes to check and it might help you to save you and others at the site. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Mistakes on construction sites can cost lives, don’t let it be yours.
Never do anything at construction without knowing properly about it. You shouldn’t allow such kinds of activities at your site that may lead to somebody’s death.
So, you must discuss things you don’t know or understand properly to save lives.
Always keep that in your mind that, Safety is always the priority at a construction site. You have to be responsible for not only your life but also other lives. Be careful and maintain safety at the site.

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